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TP Gauge

Temperature/Pressure Gauge (PAT.PENDING)

Suitable for cold water/warm water around air conditioning system
Complying with the spec of Japan ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Possible to Reduce total cost by unifying temperature gauge and pressure gauge.
Original product

・ Only one connection point while 2 connection points are usually required.
・ Thanks to the special Thermowell with valve, gauge is detachable without stopping stream of process.
・ Due to new construction, High sensing (temperature) and High durable for pulsation (pressure)
・ Reduce the works for Installation and warm keeping yet keep it safe.
・ No need to install pressure gauge and other accessories. (Free from leakage, condensation and corrosion from connection parts.)
・ Space saving

【Special Thermowell】
The valve on the point of Thermowell open when the gauge is set so that the process
flows into the sensing part.
When the gauge is removed, the valve shut and stop the process flow.
TP Gauge for inside use

TP Gauge for inside use

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Capillary TP Gauge for outside use

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